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Some people call Wednesday hump day. It means that by the end of the day, your work week will be more than half done and you'll be that much closer to the weekend. Wednesday images often involve the idea of some kind of obstacle that honest men must cross before they can enjoy themselves. The implication is that they're not enjoying themselves as much as they will be on the weekend when their labor is done. Wednesday pictures in my mind the heart of the week. The heart can often be an obstacle. The heart can make Wednesday funny. The heart can make it sad. Calling Wednesday hump day isn't that much different from calling it heart day. The heart is a hump that sometimes hurts in a good way. Sometimes it hurts real bad. On your Wednesday hump day, keep in mind the wednesday quotes and the wednesday images that strike at the heart of a matter. Focus your wednesday pics on what lies at the heart of your life. Make Wednesday funny by gathering together with your community. The part of the community that meets with itself is at the heart of that community. Be engaged in community decisions. Make the hump of Wednesday hump day the group of people who are with you in your labor. Make the hump of Wednesday hump day the group of people who share with you your life. Focus your wednesday images on the people who sometimes don't listen but who are still present. Engage them. Don't be afraid to tell them what you think they're doing wrong. Test their constitution. Make the hump of wednesday hump day your courage.

Hi. Michal here. I know how intimidating your peers can be, whether they're part of your family or your work environment or part of your community. Don't let your fears control you. Every week turn your wednesday hump day into heart day. Let your Wednesday quotes sound provocative. Let your Wednesday images be strong. Don't color your wednesday pictures with silence. Make your wednesday pictures vibrant with your ideas. Let the hump of Wednesday hump day be your words. Make Wednesday funny. Then make it meaningful. Make it point the way to progress. See the hump of Wednesday hump day as the status quo. Help your community get over it. Speak. Make your words the best of your community's wednesday quotes. Call Wednesday hump day to make wednesday funny. Call Wednesday Constitution Day to make it better.

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