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In proud countries a sense of victory rolls through the air like a train of vintage victory motorcycles waving the victory sign from the ends of every denim sleeve. Celebrating victory day is an artform. Victory day in france is a celebration. Victory Day in russia is a military parade. Victory is art. It is not the art of the weak. It is the art of the aggressive. Can that art come to haunt us? Will our art come to judge us the way we judge art? Does victory judge the victors? Or are victors the only ones who can pass judgment? To achieve victory one must have strength. A victory garden grows on the foundation of a solid family, sound politics, good science, good education, honest labor and fair trade. The goal of victory cannot be to force weaker men into some kind of action. The goal of victory should not include the growth of slavery. Victory should mean liberation. The goal of victory is to spread an idea. Watch victory hammer out the shell-shocked minds of the vanquished. They never had strong hearts. Watch as victory rolls into the lungs of the honest man. The honest man carries with him the strength of honesty. Each honest man is an artist in his own right. As artists, we can all lay claim to a victory. We can see the ultimate victory of truth. Let Victory day come to respresent our truth. Let our greatest victory sign be our day of rest. Let the sabbath be our victory garden. Celebrate the liberation of honest men every week. Let victory dance in your heart. Create. Be creative. Cook. Sing. Dance. Eat. Drink. Be merry. We are living in a victory garden. Our victory sign is a parade of motorcycles or tanks. Our victory sign is life itself.

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Accept responsiblity for our society. Accept yourself and accept others.


Feel liberated. Feel the liberation course through your veins. Feel the sense of victory hammer out a new beat. Dance your victory dance as victory rolls into your heart.


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