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Tuesday morning usually means another day at work. As with Mondays, a lot of folks try their best to keep Tuesday funny. Tuesday pictures in my mind comaraderie. The blues of Monday have passed and people have opened themselves up to each other.


Let Tuesday weld together your family, whether its your family at home or your family at work or the family that is your entire community. Make Tuesday a day to listen. Keep in mind Tuesday comments that you hear at work. Pass along Tuesday quotes. Whether they make Tuesday funny or not, our tuesday comments and our tuesday quotes help make the comaraderie of a tuesday morning last long after tuesday images have faded from memory.


Let Tuesday weld together our world. Make Tuesday a weekly Day of Prayer and Meditation. Call it Prayers Day or Family Day or just plain Tuesday. Just remember to let tuesday morning mark a day to listen. Start Tuesday morning with a quiet moment to listen to yourself and to your own body. The Tuesday comments you make later will be better for it. The Tuesday quotes you pass along will help make Tuesday funny.


Let Tuesday weld together the human family. Open your eyes and your ears and makethem the Tuesday images that stick in people's minds. Let our Tuesday pictures be joyful. On Tuesday morning, take a moment to relax.

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