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Thursday pictures in my mind nothing in particular. Thursday is an island in the seven-day week. Make that Thursday island a beautiful one. Make it an island of rest and serenity. Fill it up with greenery and melt into that greenery background. Be one with nature on your Thursday island. If your nature is a funny nature, you will make your Thursday funny. If your nature is special, you will make your Thursday special. Let Thursday band together your body with the life that surrounds you. Let thursday comments come from the plants that you water. Let thursday pictures be drawn by the animals you pet. Let thursday quotes be the words of the wind. Fill your thursday island with sunshine and clouds. Don't complain if rain falls on your thursday. Let thursday snow blanket you.

 Take on thursday pics during a walk through the woods. Strike up a thursday band. Sing a song of thanksgiving to outer space. On thursday comments about the weather should stay on the bright side. Buy on thursday pictures of faraway landscapes and hang them up on your wall. Read on thursday funny scientific reports about quarks and bosons. Share with your friends on thursday quotes from pioneering scientists. After thursday band practice find out what your instrument is made of and how it's made. Engage with the physical world. Learn on thursday funny facts about plants and animals.

Start on Thursday a small garden.


Take on every thurday pictures of your seedlings.


Observe something in the world that doesn't at first seem to have anything to do with you.


Realize that the two of you are connected.


Sit in one place for a whole thursday afternoon and watch your surroundings.


Make thursday funny by slowing it down.


Take on thursday pictures of the earth. Study them later carefully. Find in them something to celebrate. Join a band. After thursday band practice starts, tell your friends what you saw. Write a song about it and sing.

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