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Hi. Michal here. There's nothing wrong with a great reward. Economic justice is a great reward. A humane society is a great reward. A universal holiday is a fabulous reward. Sometimes people don't mind settling for a small reward. I'd like to give a small reward to the people who support my idea of a better world. For every donation of 50 dollars or more, you won't just get the calendar, you'll get the beautiful Vagina Cafe tank top from Margo, the hostess with the mostess. The only other way I know of to get this tank top is to go the Vagina Cafe yourself, which isn't a bad idea. Let's say you visit Auschwitz from Krakow. The Vagina Cafe is only another 30 km south. Stay at the Vagina Cafe Bed and Breakfast and you'll be at the doorstep of central Europe, nestled in the shadow of the beautiful Carpathian mountains. There's plenty of reward to be found in this world. It just takes a little effort to get to it. I don't mind the effort it's taken me to get this project started. My reward is the knowledge that I'm making a difference on this ship. I mean spaceship Earth. She's a mighty fine reward for the average human. We need to treat her well. We need to accept ourselves and our place here. We need to learn how to listen. Our reward will be greater than we can imagine.