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Hi. Michal here. A lot of people who want your money will tell you that your money will be in good hands. I would never say an idiotic thing like that. How the hell do I know if I have good hands? I do stupid things sometimes. I take risks. I once kissed my sister's butt so she would make me a sandwich and all I got was some butter smeared onto a poorly cut bun. There may have been some cheese too - I don't remember - but the point is I got less than I expected in exchange for my investment. It happens.

I'm trying to publish calendars that support a culture of acceptance. I'm trying to accelerate humanity's progress towards world peace. It's not going to happen without strong economies and good jobs. It's not going to happen until men around the world know how to respect women. It's not going to happen until everybody around the world is getting great vacations. It's a tall order, but as an entrepreneur, I can sense a good idea when I smell one. Unlike many other entrepreneurs, the good ideas I see aren't just good business ideas. I'm the kind of entrepreneur that likes to invest in good leadership and strong families. Sometimes that hurts business. That's a sacrifice more business people need to learn how to make. With your grants, I want to support the working man and the working mother. With your grants, I want to support independent business people. With your grants, I want to build a better world. If you're out there looking for grants, good for you. I'm not really looking for grants, but I'll sure as hell take them. If you're trying to give somebody grants in order to get into a lower tax bracket, find one of those charitable corporations that are in the business of taking grants. Just keep in mind that corporations who are in the business of taking grants tend to waste those grants. Whether they're a party of would-be governments, churches, or do-gooders united under a well-meaning corporate leadership, they waste grants. I'm not in the business of taking grants. I'm not in the business of wasting grants. I'd like to publish calendars and a whole bunch of stuff that grants everybody an opportunity to help build a better world. When I profit, sometimes I pump that profit back into my causes. Sometimes I just celebrate. Sometimes I kiss butts and all I get is a lousy sandwich. It happens.