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Hi. Michal here. Lots of people support great ideas by saying they support them. Fewer people stake their reputations on it. If you really believe in an idea, you should stamp your name on it. If you believe in working towards World Peace and not just hoping for it, give us your endorsement. If you actually believe you should actually love your neighbor as yourself, give us your endorsement. If you accept that despite it being extremely hard and thankless work you should actually listen to the person next to you and consider his needs as if they were your own, give us your endorsement.  If you believe in a universal holiday, give us your endorsement. If you actually think everybody deserves great vacations, give us your endorsement. If you believe in economic justice, give us your endorsement. If you think extra holidays are the responsiblity of the people who want them, give us your endorsement. If you want a system that works and a society that listens, give us your endorsement. Let's start building a better world by jointly promoting a calendar that reflects our common values and our common beliefs.

Your endorsement means putting your name on the back of the first printed edition of a full-size poster calendar that promotes a great idea. Printing your name costs money, but if you are homeless, and, say, reading this in a library, let me know that you want to share your endorsement anyway. Otherwise, when you pre-order the calendar, remember to add your endorsement in the text box. If you subscribe to the calendar, add your endorsement. If you make a donation, add your endorsement. Show us how you want your name to appear. Give us one word that best describes you. It could be your occupation, your profession, a craft, a trade, a hobby, a familial relationship, or a philosophy. My endorsement will look like this: Michal Slaby, artist.