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Hi. Michal here. You've probably noticed that I've taken a few photos in my time. I like to take photos. I like to make art in all kinds of ways. You may have noticed that I like to write a lot too. Sometimes I even find the time to draw something. I'm an artist. To be specific, I'm an independent artist. I haven't made a lot of money in my life. I did make a little money while the federal government was exploiting me and I decided to invest that money into this massive project of building a better world. Some people call me an idiot. That's okay. Some people see the things I do and say I must be dedicated. I am dedicated. I want a better world. I'm dedicated to us, to the human race. I'm part of it and I can't help trying to improve everything I'm a part of. If you're as helpless as I am, you're probably in need of a better world, too. If you're not as helpless, in fact, if you have the privilege of being able to buy art and buy photos just for your own enjoyment, buy photos from me. You won't be doing it just for yourself. Buy photos from me and you'll be buying a great idea.

Art is the expression of an idea. Sometimes that idea is the shape of the art itself. I like artists who make great shapes that evoke great emotions from me. After I've smiled or cried or opened my eyes wide in surprise, sometimes I yearn for a great idea that engages my mind. Sometimes I want art to give me an idea that I can express with words. Sometimes I want a great document. My art is a document that represents my hope for a better world. Buy photos from me and you'll be sharing my great idea. Buy photos from me and you'll be investing in a humane society. To buy photos from me all you have to do is be interested. To buy photos from me all you need is the willingness to listen. Buy photos from me and you'll be helping to build a humane society. Buy photos from me and we'll be celebrating our freedom to cooperate. cooperating in have to do is cooperate. Buy photos from me and you'll be have a picture of a humane society.

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