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Hi. Michal here. There are obvious ways you can help support the search for a better world. You can support calendar reform and the universal holiday by pre-ordering a poster calendar from us at a discount from the list price. You can subscribe to our calendar and save even more. You can donate what you can. The smallest of donations puts your name on the back of our calendar. The closer your donation is to the list price, the more likely we'll be able to afford to send you a copy. We want this calendar in as many places as possible. Donate 50 dollars or more and we'll throw in a Vagina Cafe tank top so you can show your support specifically for the empowerment of women.

You don't have to wear a Vagina Cafe tank top if it causes you too much trouble. Nobody likes trouble. We don't want you to have trouble, but trouble is often the burden we bear when we learn how to listen. If you want to support acceptance, if you want to support peace, if you want to love your neighbor as yourself, it's going to cost something. If you want to celebrate Love Your Neighbor Day and join me in my simple protest, you're going to have to remember that you're on a different day of the week. It may not change your routine much, but you're going to have to speak up and not be embarrassed about it. To support a better world you first have to support yourself. Yes, it's hard.

Get a Vagina Cafe tank top to help support women

Support us by learning how to listen to the person next to you. Support us by considering that person's needs as if they were your own. Support us by putting up a copy of the poster calendar in a place where another person can see it. Support us by observing Love Your Neighbor Day. Change the world by changing your  day of the week. It's simple.