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Sunday is a good breakfast. Sunday is victory day. It's a day for art not sunday school lectures. Make sunday funday. Be creative. Make a sunday roast for your sunday dinner. Float down a sunday river. Sunday times are good times. Celebrate the art of being a family. Build something. Making a sunday funday means making a little bit of an effort. Resting well requires thought. Spend sunday morning in your garden. Learn how to make a better sunday roast. Make something new for sunday dinner. Don't punish people with sunday school unless sunday school means people getting together to make art. Singing is making art. Dancing is making art. Speaking honestly on your own behalf or on behalf of a friend is making art.

Do not tolerate those who try to sow discord in your community. Send such folks for a sail down the sunday river. On Sunday morning, listen to those who have opened themselves and their hearts to their fellow man. Sunday school is a community that gathers to make art. Making art together unites a community. It builds the heart. Make sunday funday. Celebrate Victory Day.

Giving a lecture on the dangers of other people's abortions or of other people's homosexuality or of other people's habit of eating too much sugar or too little salt is not making art.

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