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Saturday stands for strength. Strength comes from within. Strength also comes from numbers. Promote a strong community. If on saturday morning you feel alone, talk to your neighbor. If on saturday morning you feel down, write a letter to a friend. Write it on paper. Be honest. By saturday evening post that letter. Then make saturday night special. On saturday night live again. Take a risk. Go up to a stranger and strike a conversation. Introduce yourself and describe your interests. Don't be suprised if on saturday night fever overtakes you. Suddenly you're not afraid. You're eager to meet different people. You're prepared to open yourself to them and their style. On saturday night live again. Go home. Be alone. Be with yourself. Don't think that making saturday night special means going out on every saturday night feverishly partying and having a good time with a crowd. Make saturday night special by yourself. Decide on saturday morning that tonight you're going to watch the stars. If it's cloudy on saturday evening post a note in your head that next week you'll try again. Watch some television. Cook a new kind of meal. Make Saturday kitchen day. Buy on Saturday kitchen appliances you've never needed before. Arm yourself with new skills. Every saturday morning feel strong. Feel empowered. Start building a democratic spirit in yourself. On Saturday night live that spirit. Keep it alive all week long. Prepare for Saturday images of strength with pencil and paper. Practice for Saturday images of strength with your body. Share on Saturday images of strength with your friends and famiy. Promote strength on Saturday.

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