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The idea of reform can be hard and scary but the reform itself makes you happy.
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Every time some do-gooder tries to reform something, it upsets those people who have become so accustomed to doing things a certain way that they can't imagine doing it any differently. People who have poor imaginations are not very good at reform. Creating reform requires divergent thinking. To create reform you have to actually believe things could be a whole lot better. The burden of promoting reform always falls on those among us who have cultivated strong imaginations. I have a very strong imagination. Sometimes I wish I could just take orders and pray for the best. Then I remember that the burden of reform would fall on my brother and I'd rather cooperate than be dependent and completely unaware of my own potential. I have the potential to be better. I have felt it. Sometimes I succeed in achieving it. I want time on my side. I want a calendar that helps me. When I celebrated Love Your Neighbor Day, it made me happy. For everybody else it was a regular Sunday. For me it was a chance to reform myself. I made progress on Love Your Neighbor Day. I reformed myself a little bit and there's no going back. I'm building a better world for myself and it starts with building me. Make a little sacrifice. Celebrate Love Your Neighbor Day.

When you celebrate Love Your Neighbor Day, don't call it anything else. Don't call it a Sunday or a Monday or any other day of the week. It's not a day of the week. It's not a day of the month. It's a day of your life. Make it count. The next day, you'll be pleased with yourself. You'll be happy that you're on the path to reform. You'll have reformed yourself just a little bit. For every day that you and the rest of the world are on different days of the week, you'll be adding on to that little bit of reform. You might even see the world around you starting to reform a bit. Don't force it. Don't insist. Let it grow on its own. Be patient with reform and reform will start to listen. The world is scared. Its people  feel weak and tired. Show them what strength looks like. Reform yourself. You'll be happy as I am happy.