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Sometimes the monday blues means exploitation.

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Monday morning means it's monday again. Why do mondays suck? Monday is Labor Day and a lot of people don't like the work that they do. Maybe it's too hard for them. Maybe it's too easy. Maybe they don't like some of the people who work with them. Monday blues may have nothing to do with that. Monday morning might just mean you're tired from all the creative stuff you did the day before. It might mean you're sick. People might tell you not to let monday blues get you down. They might share with you monday images and monday pictures that might make monday funny. Making monday funny is a good idea. Sometimes making monday funny isn't enough.

If you always think mondays suck, think about why monday morning makes you feel bad. There could be a remedy. Talk to somebody. Listen to your own body. If the work is too hard or too easy, try to come up with a better way of doing things. Make it a game. Concentrate on your own score. Go for a personal best. Sometimes there's no way to make monday funny. There are no monday images or monday picture that can help. Sometimes there's no way to cure the monday blues without walking away. I was an employee of an independent agency of the Federal Government of the United States. I was exploited by the federal government.

The monday images that are important to me are the ones that remind me that for some people mondays suck because they're being crushed by a culture that doesn't care. For some people mondays suck because we live in a society that doesn't listen. Make monday funny if you can. Enjoy monday pictures that give you a smile. Make some monday images of your own. While you're curing your monday blues, remember that for some people the monday blues mean choosing between death and exploitation. For those people, monday images are scenes of overt physical brutality or subtle psychological stress. Their monday pictures are slow-burning fires that dessicate their souls. Help make Labor Day a universal day of celebration that comes every week. Support a universal holiday. Support calendar reform.

I tried everything to create change. I exhausted every opportunity. I talked to management. Nothing changed. I talked to my union. Nothing changed. I talked to my fellow workers. Nothing changed. I realized I had only two options left. I could continue to suffer under the same conditions or I could distance myself. I choose to distance myself. I resigned from my service. Disassociating oneself is not easy. It was not a decision I took lightly. Working under exploitative conditions doesn't mean you give your consent to them, but your lack of consent is all the more apparent when you disassociate. If Mondays suck because you're being exploited, you are not alone. If it's monday again and you have the monday blues because every monday morning you wake up and get dressed and go to work in order to be exploited, you are not alone.

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