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Whether you spell it labour or labor, you probably already celebrate a labor day once a year. If your labor is employed, you probably get a day off from labor. Labor day is widely accepted as a legitimate holiday. It wasn't always like that. Labor day itself is the product of labour. All political change is the product of labour. Business is the product of labour. Profit is the product of labour. Happiness is the product of labor. Without labor there would be no labour party. Without labour there would be no labor unions. What is labour? Who is labour? Labour isn't a person. It is a part of a person. It's the part of a person that gets squeezed into sweat. It's the part of him that's tested in the laboratory of life. That material is the means of production for the human race. Without that production there would be no growth. without growth there would be no life.

Labour makes life possible. Labour is life-giving. Labour brings about the birth of the world. Labor day is the day we are reborn. Labor day is the day we make life happen. Every time we go back to work we celebrate life and another labor day. Labor day is for every working man and every working mother. Don't let the labor unions divide us. See the working man within the employer. See the working mother behind the management. Don't let anyone be exploited. By allowing exploitation to exist we perpetuate a cycle of self-destruction and stagnation that kills life.

If you are an employee, don't exploit your employer. If you are an employer, don't exploit your employee. Don't abuse trust. Families are built on trust. Don't tolerate abuse. Stand up and be heard. Don't be afraid to sacrifice. Your choice will reverberate through the cosmos long after you retire. Trust in your children even when they abuse you. Trust in your parents even when they abuse you. Trust in your spouses even when they abuse you. Don't let your labour be taken for granted. Be heard. Put labor day between victory day and family day. Do good work, then rest.

Life is a laboratory. We keep testing the hypothesis that we can be happy. We keep testing and testing. Do the laboratory workers of life have labour unions they can turn to? The entire human race is one giant labour party. It's been hijacked by bad leaders. How can the ordinary worker protest his working conditions when the leadership of his union has failed? There's only one thing a worker can do when faced with both bad management and a bad union. He can quit. I'm tired of seeing people quit life. I want a labor day that reminds people of the importance of their sweat. I want a labor day that constantly reminds us of the value of our sacrifice. I want a labor day that builds the working man and the working mother. I want to wake up on labor day at least once a week.

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