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Keep green in mind with a Greenery Day that comes every week

Greenery is good to have around. Greenery wallpapers nature with its love of the sun and fresh air. Shouldn't greenery landscape our entire lives? Having greenery isn't always easy in places where there's a lot of people around. Greenery is shy. It doesn't like a crowd. It starts to suffocate. In cities, doesn't greenery resort to all kinds of tricks to stay alive? It makes the plants who do make it very irritable. It makes them hard. Having hard greenery landscape our lives reminds us of our own hardships. We like to have a soft greenery background. People in cities end up making special greenery arrangements. Or they surround themselves with greenery images on their computers or greenery pictures on their walls. Sometimes greenery pics aren't enough. Greenery arrangements are hard to maintain. All this hardship just to remind us that when greenery wallpapers nature we feel better. We live in a garden. Who doesn't like to see a garden grow?

Nobody wants to spend time in the cold, stone corners of a garden. People need a greenery landscape. So they buy greenery arrangements that die after a week in a vase. They buy greenery wallpaper or greenery photos printed on dead greenery. They buy greenery pictures painted with dead greenery. All these greenery pics just to replace the greenery background that we lost when we started building cities. Is there no way to return to the days when most people were naturally surrounded by greenery images all day long? Is there no way to bring greenery pictures back to life? Can't real greenery wallpaper our lives again? The greenery background that we need is waiting for us to let it grow. Greenery wallpapers nature naturally. The only thing we need to do to build back our greenery landscape is to let it grow. We need to stop suffocating it or else we'll make greenery resort to being hard on us.

The Greenery Day Japan celebrates as part of its golden week is about remembering to listen to nature. It's not about looking at greenery pictures or greenery photos. Leave the greenery pics at home. On Greenery Day you need to go out and see real greenery. You need to listen to it. With greenery day a part of every week, we can remember that its our responsibility to keep our garden alive. We have a green planet. Let's keep it that way. Let's practice good science. Let's listen to nature. Let's pay attention. We are all earth scientists. We are all gardeners. Celebrate our responsibility with a Greenery Day that comes every week. Help greenery wallpaper our lives once again.

Shouldn't everyone have greenery images around them at all times? Real greenery images need help to grow.


We are born onto a blue planet with a green garden. We are all gardeners. We need to build our greenery landscape together.


Greenery Day reminds us of our common responsibility. Help greenery wih calendar reform. Make Thursday Greenery Day.

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