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If friday night lights up your life, share that feeling with your brother. Share on friday funny little stories with your sister. Share on friday images of love and peace. Take on friday pictures of your children. Next friday do it again and friday after next do it once more. Collect your friday images and make a friday movie.


Be like a child on friday. Watch as friday night lights up your imagination. Make on friday images with paint on your fingers. Share with your family on friday quotes from your favorite comedies. Make plans to meet with your friends next friday and friday after next. Take next friday pictures of your party and the friday after next remininsce how last friday funny things happened.


When friday night lights up your mind, take the opportunity to feel like a child again. Add color to the friday images that stay with you. Exaggerate. Say it wasn't so when your frieed next friday quotes your words from last friday's party. Make it better. Add by next Friday funny things to your list of stuff to do by friday after next.


Brighten up those friday night lights in your head. Shine them onto your loved ones. Show them on friday pictures that you drew. Secretely take their portrait. Let them find on friday funny drawings that look like them attached to the refrigerator door. Accept your perpetual childhood. Relish it. Share that joy next friday and friday after next. Don't let those friday night lights ever go out.

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