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The word democracy pictures in my mind two completely different kinds of democracy symbol. On one side are the people who support democracy government. On the other is the democrat. The word democrat has become a loaded term. A democrat is no longer a man who supports democracy government but a member of the democratic party. A democrat is either a scoundrel or a hero. As a democracy symbol, a democrat or the democratic party no longer gives democracy definition in an acceptable way. For a democrat and the democratic party, its unclear what for them democracy now means. For them, democracy day might mean a day for celebrating a victory for the democratic party over their rivals, the republican party. The average democrat or republican seems to think democracy now involves one or a few key states instead of all the states and all of the people.

Hi. Michal here. Democracy now is a twisted version of the democracy definition I was given in school. Checks and balances. Two-party system. I want a democracy symbol that isn't a donkey or an elephant. I want a democracy symbol that assures me that democracy now includes everyone. I don't want democratic or republican goverment. I want democracy. I want democracy government. I want direct democracy government. I want a full franchise. I don't want the kind of checks and balances that have given american democracy definition for the past two centuries because I know that precisely through those checks and balances that limit power we increase corruption.

When we limit the power of the people, we lose power over both our individual destinies and our common destiny as a community. We put those things into the hands of people who are not fit to guide us. Only the people as a whole can guide the people. Only a whole community can make decisions on behalf of the whole community. The community of yesteryear agreed to representative government because the technology didn't exist to support anything better. We replaced one king with a multitude of petty kings. Technology has improved. We're not so helpless anymore. We may not be completely ready today but I can still say I want democracy now and not later. I want democracy government that builds strong communities that listen to weaker communities. I want democracy government that doesn't limit the people's voice to a meaningless vote. I want democracy government that works.

I want a democrat to always be the person next to me. I want the most important democracy symbol to be the place where a community gathers to listen to itself. True democracy pictures in my mind an open assembly. True democracy pictures in my mind the willingness to listen and to build upon the words that are heard. True democracy pictures in my mind a democracy day that comes every morning. Direct democracy government takes work. A true democrat makes the effort. A true democrat doesn't exploit. A true democratic party is a liberated community. To be liberated is to be responsible for one's actions. Direct democracy government requires strength. Promote that strength with a day that comes every week. Call that day armed forces of democracy day.

 If you're a true democrat, arm yourself with confidence. If you're a member of the true democratic party, arm yourself with a willingness to listen. If you want democracy now, arm yourself with self-awareness. If you want democracy government, celebrate democracy day weekly.

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