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Hi. Michal here. Being a kind person is not easy. Sometimes showing a kind face is a terrible sacrifice. It requires a person to empty himself of his own feelings  and channel those of another.

 For a man to be kind hearted, he must become like another. For a kind hearted man to usher kids into a world full of unkind people, he must make another person's desires his own. He must create in himself a kind mind.

Is it your goal to usher kids into a world of unkind people? What kind person in your family was prepared to make another man's desires his own? Is your family creating jobs to help another man usher kids into the world? Is your family using kind words or showing a kind face even to unkind people? Or does your family try to suck the life out of every kind hearted person it meets just like so many other unkind people in our society?

Listening to unkind people is no harder than listening to kind people. It requires your participation. It requires more than kind face and a few kind words every so often to make it sound like you're listening. To listen, a kind hearted person must pay attention. If you are busy resting, how can you be busy listening? If you are busy talking, how can you be busy listening? If you are thinking your own thoughts, then you are not listening. To listen is to think another person's thoughts.

Building kind people means meeting the needs of unkind people. How can one raise a kind person without listening to that person even when it hurts us? There is nothing wrong with being unable to meet a person's needs. We are not Gods. Many kind people who pray to a God with kind words recognize that God is not engaged in meeting everybody's needs. Many kind people who pray to a God with kind words sometimes think and resent that God in their eyes too often shows a kind face to unkind people and that God neglects kind people who are trying to usher kids into an unkind world. Despite their feelings, they still believe that God is listening. They intuitively know the difference between meeting one's needs and simply keeping those needs in mind.

Consider a man's thoughts and you will be considering his needs. A kind person considers the needs of those around him. It is extremely difficult to be a kind person.

Unkind people are people who cannot listen to a kind person. They don't know what kind words are. They don't know how to recognize them. So many unkind people usher kids into this world never having seen a kind face, never having heard kind words. How can they build kind hearted children? If their children never see a kind face or hear kind words they too will turn into unkind people.

There is something wrong with a community that doesn't give every one of its members a voice. Kind people are people who give unkind people a voice. Kind people listen to all words, not just kind words.

Usher kids who are born to unkind people. Don't just show them a kind face. Don't just mumble a few kind words. Be a kind person. Listen. Empty yourself and think about their needs. Without doing anything else you will have helped build a kind person. You will have helped build yourself. Being kind-hearted means sometimes putting your heart aside and beating with the heart of another.