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More than one man in Europe complains about Turks and Arabs and Africans. More than one man wants to get stronger and louder so that the foreigners can be kicked out. The Turks were once strong and loud. In the seventeenth century, while Europe was busy bickering over religion, they attacked with an army. They got all the way to Vienna before Europeans finally started to cooperate. An army assembled on the Kahlenburg, a mountain overlooking the city, but only after it was established who was going to foot the bill. You can't protect democracy without first trying to protect yourself. You can't protect yourself if you're not being heard. You won't be heard unless you listen to others.


Strength does not convey leadership. Being a strong country doesn't mean poor countries should follow your orders. Being a strong city doesn't mean telling the countryside what to do. A strong man shouldn't get to deploy his family like a platoon. A strong man is often tempted to steal leadership from those with whom leadership must be shared. A strong man is often tempted to silence his rivals. A strong man often employs strong men to do his will. The strong are not meant to protect the boss. The strong are meant to protect the earth, to protect this house of ours. The strong must protect our culture. Whether you protect the boss, or protect yourself or protect the earth, whether you are part of a group commissioned to protect somebody else's property, we all have a responsibility to protect democracy. Even the strong man must listen.


Must not a strong man empty himself to build a strong family? Protect the boss, protect yourself, or protect the earth but don't overpower the atmosphere with the scent of your separate identity. When you protect the boss, or protect yourself or protect the earth, don't engage in the business of intimidation. Intimidation doesn't protect democracy. It frightens it.

A man should serve another man out of self-interest. On his own a strong man is destroyed while the strong family endures. Let the family of nations be strong. If you can't protect democracy and protect the boss at the same time, choose one or the other. Choose wisely.  Protect this house of ours by acknowledging the strength within others.

Leadership comes from the expression of ideas. Strength is needed to implement decisions based on those ideas. Strength is asking to be destroyed when it limits the ability to express ideas during a family's decision-making process.  Strong nations must listen to the weak. Invading a weak nation does not protect the earth. The rich must listen to the poor. You can't protect yourself by exploiting the poor. Officers must listen to the ordinary man. Giving orders does not protect the boss. Parents must listen to their children. Being a tryant does not protect this house. A refusal to listen is an invitation to rebellion. We cannot employ people to protect democracy and tell them that their job is to listen to one person and not to another. Guns for hire destroy the human family.

Separating the physically strong from the weak does not protect the earth. Separating the emotionally strong from the emotionally weak does not protect this house of ours. Separating one man from another man with a badge does not protect the boss. You can't protect yourself by separating one man from another man with a gun. You can't protect yourself by separating one man from the other man with a uniform. Separating one man from the other man with a high wage and a pension does not protect the earth. All the members of the human family have a measure of strength that must be employed.