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A Jenga tower falls because the Jenga blocks are weak. We must strengthen ourselves with time.
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Life is a jenga game. The economy is a jenga tower. Jenga blocks are people. When the jenga tower falls, jenga blocks go tumbling in every direction. When the jenga tower is our economy, people get hurt. Every game needs rules. The world plays a jenga game where risk is rewarded as long as the jenga tower doesn't fall. You can get rid of as many jenga blocks as you want, as long as the tower stays standing. But if jenga blocks are people, who's playing the game? People who own Jenga play Jenga. Therefore in this analogy there must be people who own people. Indeed, there are still people in certain parts of the world who do own people. In the daylight of the civilized world, you can only own a person's time. You buy a person's time with money. People looking for work are people who are selling their time. Some people need to sell almost all their time in order to sustain themselves. These people are poor. Poor people are weakened by the stress of having no time.

 A society built on top of the poor will not last. When half the people are playing Jenga and the other half are getting played, the game will not last. When 1 percent of the people are playing Jenga and the rest are getting played, the game will be even shorter.

If you are playing life like Jenga, you need to stop before the Jenga tower falls. If you are treating people like jenga blocks, you need to stop. If you think you can improve productivity through exploitation, you are wrong. If you think you can improve performance through threats and manipulation and brow-beating and generally being a punk, you are wrong. If you want to improve yourself, stop playing and start listening to the people you've been exploiting. You had to improve yourself with time. Give others the same benefit. Give other a chance to improve. Support a universal holiday.