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GIVE people a chance to feel valued. Give them nice camps with good earth where they can put up a humble house of their own if they want to. Don't tell them what their home should look like, but give them a way to improve that home. Provide them with a fair trade. None of these things can exist without nice camps. Nice camps form the basis of a good society. Not everybody wants a house. They still deserve a nice bit of earth.


PEOPLE do not like to be told what to do. They do not like to be forced by communities to do anything. They enjoy their freedom. They should have access to free land. The native Americans believed in free land and nice camps and because those beliefs impeded the progress of European settlement, European settlers forced them onto bad earth, unkind earth, the worst earth around. Do we want a Battle of Ypres?

Planet earth used to have common land. Planet earth used to have free land. Communities would reserve a piece of open land with open pasture where a man could go to let his animals graze if his field suffered from a flood or a fire or disease. There was free land where a man could go to get relief without having to beg for it. The Occupy encampments showed us that at some point planet earth lost that free land. The Occupy encampments show that planet earth needs to get that free land back.


Should an American visit a country like France or Belgium where the battle of Ypres was fought, he'll be shocked to find nice camps around nearly every town. Affordable, accessible, and welcoming municipal campgrounds are not hard to find. People wanted nice camps. They got nice camps. In America, there are many regions without nice camps. Even if nice camps exist, the grounds are often restricted and regulated in such a way as to actively discourage extended or otherwise unanticipated stays. Where on planet earth is our common land? Why isn't there free land that anyone especially somebody in trouble can go to without having to ask for help? Where on planet earth is there open land for the man who wants to retain what's left of his fragile sense of independent agency? Where on planet earth can a man find communities ready to welcome him no matter what. Are we asking for another Battle of Ypres?

DIGNITY should not depend on one's wealth. Even the homeless deserve nice camps. Nice camps are not a privilege. Nice camps are a birthright. Access to the earth is a birthright. No matter what a person's position, he deserves nice camps. Humans deserve free land with free earth because free land is what gave birth to human society. A man deserves access to warmth, hygiene, nutrition, privacy, and peace. Free land with good earth should provide all of those things. Nice camps should sit on free land. Nice camps should sit on common land.

Communities with no common land are communities that don't listen. Communities that make nice camps a privilege are communities asking for trouble.