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Good leadership is good art. Art is how each person presents an idea. When you share this idea with an audience, the idea might be obvious. A lot of the time it's not. A lot of artists like to be subtle because they think it makes them clever. They've been taught that cleverness is rewarded. I don't like clever leaders. Clever leadership skills are not what people need. People need new leadership styles that aren't about two groups of leaders outwitting each other. We need leadership styles that teach us how to share the road, not how to dominate it.


Art is the expression of a good idea. Expressing each good idea requires good leadership. Sometimes the idea behind a piece of art is the shape of the art itself. Sometimes walking down the street is a good idea. Walking down the street is an art. You have to share the road with other artists. Sharing the road requires good leadership skills. Sometimes we rely on professionals to exercise those leadership skills. We call them cops. Sometimes those cops don't share this idea that what they're doing is an art-form. They don't appreciate the fact that they're performing for an audience that expects good art. They don't like it when they're criticized. Each of them needs to grow up.

Lead people by showing them how a great idea can work. Leadership skills have nothing to do with telling people to do something. Leaderhip skills aren't about giving orders. Leadership skills are about doing something yourself. Once you're done, tell other people what they should do. If you're not telling people what they should do, you're not being a good leader. How can you share the road with somebody who hasn't been told how to share the road? He'll run right over you.


People are not complex. They like good things. Good leaders know something is good because they have tested it. Deciding to test something is what good leadership is about. Good leaders share leadership by inviting other leaders to test something themselves.


Think how much cooperation is needed for our society to share the road. We are taught by our phony leaders that we must beggar our neighbor to be happy. Our phony leaders tell us we must attack other countries to protect our happiness. People with bad leadership skills tell us lies because they don't want us to share the road. They want to keep us poor and stupid and on the sidelines. They want us not to trust each other. They want us not to listen to each other. They want us to listen only to them. They want us to value only their cleverness. Don't. Be a good leader. Start trusting each other. Start being open to each other. Accept each other. Build each other up. Share the road.

Leaders respect each other. The best leaders are those who share this idea. The best leaders have leadership styles that let them share the road. Of all the leadership skills out there, the greatest is the technique called listening. No artist can make good art unless he listens. The greatest of artists don't just listen to each other or to the cleverest among them. The greatest of artists can listen to each person he meets.