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Hi. Michal here. My friend Margo and I drove off one day on a 10,000 kilometer trek across Europe. We had only  one tent. What's worse, we had only known each for a few weeks before setting out on the journey. At Soest Netherlands, or Soesterburg, my friend Margo and I parted ways for a little while. We got a break from each other. She went to visit with her ex-husband's family. I went to stay with a lovely friend of a friend whom I had never met. Before we left the campground at Soest, Margo and I visited the nearby dunes. Soest Netherlands features one of only two places in the country where sand dunes exist away from the sea. It's a special place and while we were there we created what I consider a very special photo.

Margo and I argued at Soest. We argued a lot during our trip. It didn't stop the trip from happening. I know for my part that I didn't want our trip to end. I had to listen to Margo. I had to make sacrifices. Sometimes I had to swallow my pride. Sometimes I had to dig deep and carve out the part of me that was causing trouble. Sometimes I had to shout. At Soest Netherlands, Margo admitted to me that sometimes I say wise things. It turned out she had been listening too. It taught me to keep listening no matter how hard it is.

When a love couple kiss, they create a physical connection. When a love couple kiss, they affirm their openness to each other. When a love couple kiss, sometimes one person kisses harder than the other. When a love couple kiss, sometimes one person isn't listening. It's not enough for a love couple to kiss. To be a love couple, both people must learn how to listen. Listening isn't just about trying to create a connection. It isn't just about being open. Listening means thinking.

When a love couple kiss, they remember that you can't create love without letting yourself get re-created by love. When a love couple kiss, they submit to forces of change that lie beyond their control. When a love couple kiss, sometimes they get scared. To love each other, people need to talk about what they're feeling and thinking. After a love couple kiss, they must create the conditions that will let them kiss again.