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Hi. Michal here. I was an employee of the federal government. I was hired as a part-time worker who was then told to work full-time. I was then made to work overtime. I was exploited by the federal government. I wanted better management. I wanted to change management processes. When my efforts failed with management, I went to my union. When I realized the union wasn't prepared to listen to a part-time worker, I decided it was time to change management.

I quit. I started managing myself full-time. It's not easy to manage yourself. Sometimes I find it hard not to exploit my power. Sometimes I'm a little too easy on myself. Sometimes I work myself too hard.  It happens sometimes when you're trying to change the world. It's a lot of work and one person can't do it on his own. I'm not the entire world. I don't represent the entire world. I'm just a person named Michal. As a person, I can change myself. I often do change things about myself from time to time. What's more important is how I change for life. In order to change the world, in order to change management culture and to change management processes that support exploitation we as members of the human race need to change for life. We need to change how we think. We need to change how we act. We need to learn how to listen. We need to change management processes that we may not even be aware of. We need to think hard about what we do.

Art4Occupy is how I want to change 4 life. Art4Occupy is how I want to change the world. It's how I want to change management processes that resulted in my exploitation. I want to change the world by learning how to listen. I want to build trust. I want to cooperate. Art4Occupy is my idea. Art4Occupy is a product of my leadership. Art4Occupy represents the way in which I chose to change 4 life.

How you choose to change for life is up to you. Maybe you like to exploit people. Maybe you don't. Maybe you think you don't, but in reality you do it all the time. Exploitation is what most of us are born and raised with. It's hard later to stop ourselves from exploiting. It's such a common way of life it's hard to be aware that we're doing it. Parents exploit children. Children exploit parents. Employers exploit employees. Employees exploit employers. Protestors exploit the law. The law exploits protestors. People exploit their leadership. Leaders exploits their people. The Occupy movement has exploited a lot of people in its quest to change the world. I'd like to change the world too. First I had to change management. Now I have to change myself. I have to change for life. I'm trying to listen.