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Days of our Lives

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Listening to others is to include others all the days of our lives. Build a scenic view of society.
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Hi. Michal here. When I first came to Bielsko-Biała I was stunned by this beautiful town in southern Poland surrounded by mountains. Even drab communist-era neighborhoods filled with modernist apartment blocks were improved by the scenic beauty. A scenic view seemed always within reach. In order to find the best scenic images, I learned that you have to take a little hike up into the mountains. I was very upset to come across a particularly beautiful scenic view on the slopes of Magurka. Somebody had put up a fence around the scenic beauty of a hillside meadow overlooking the valley below. That certain somebody was also building a luxury home on the property, a lot which happened to lie within the bounds of a national park.

When you look on a map of Bielsko-Biała, especially a map that labels each particularly well-known scenic view, you'll probably find this scenic view labeled. It's a well-known scenic view whose scenic beauty has been marred by this rotten fence. Whoever owns this property obviously has the legal right to close it off. I don't know if the lot was owned and maintained by this person's family for generations or whether he made a lot of money exploiting people and then bought the lot in order to keep the scenic beauty for himself. I don't think it matters.

This world has been entrusted to us. That is what makes the days of our lives beautiful. Build trust between people all the days of our lives and you will create scenic beauty on the streets and in subway cars and in back alleys. Listen to people all the days of our lives and a scenic view will unfold. Help build somebody up all the days of our lives and you will be building scenic images that will last all the days of our lives. Building is not easy. Building trust is harder than building a house. Learning how to listen is difficult. The reward justifies the effort. Look at the scenic beauty of the world and consider granting that world another scenic view. Give the world a scenic view that will last longer than the landscape. Open yourself to others all the days of our lives. Build a better world. Build scenic beauty among your family. Build scenic beauty among your friends. Show that scenic beauty on the street. Share it all the days of our lives.

The principle isn't just that scenic beauty should be shared. We must remember that scenic beauty shouldbe maintained. Scenic beauty should be protected. But if a scenic view can't be shared, where has its beauty gone? Scenic images that aren't shared lose their scenic beauty. Scenic backgrounds that are fenced off lose something. They lose something more important than the scenic beauty that was meant to be protected. They destroy trust. Scenic backgrounds should be accessible not just because scenic beauty should be shared and enjoyed by all. The public needs to be trusted. The public needs to be trusted with protecting scenic backgrounds. That trust is what gives the scenic images their worth. That trust lies behind the scenic beauty and gives it strength. Create scenic beauty all the days of our lives by building trust among people. Listen to them.