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Hi. Michal here. I confess. I don't know anything about world day of prayer 2012. And I'm certainly not waiting around for world day of prayer 2013. A world day of prayer is a great idea. A global day of prayer for syria is great too. A national day of prayer is fine whether it's national day of prayer 2012 or national day of prayer 2013. Women's world day of prayer sounds dandy. I'll take any global day of prayer with a smile and a handshake. You say you've got collegiate day of prayer? Sounds like fun. Show me the national day of prayer logo. I'll probably think its okay. Show me world day of prayer images. I'll enjoy them.

A global day of prayer for Syria is a great way to give people in Syria a chance to know that somebody in the free world is listening. A women's world day of prayer is a great way to remind somebody out there that women need to be heard. A collegiate day of prayer is a fabulous way to remind some of our students that their voices matter. Why limit and divide ourselves? If a national day of prayer lets some forgotten homeless man feel remembered, shouldn't we practice a national day of prayer every week? Can't we have a women's day of prayer at the same time? Celebrate Tuesday as a global day of prayer every week. Build our global family with a day of prayer and meditation. Make a family day of prayer our weekly global habit.

Participate in a world day of prayer for the sick or the national day of prayer and fasting and I'll tip my hat. Celebrate women's day of prayer 2012 or just plain old day of prayer 2012 and I'll say good for you. I'm busy spreading the word about a day of prayer for every week of the year. Don't believe in the living God? Call it a day of prayer and meditation. Call it family day. Call it prayers day. Call it Tuesday. I don't care. People need only keep in mind that taking the time to listen to yourself is healthy. People who meditate are listening to themselves. People who pray are usually listening too. More often than not they're trying to be very careful with their words because they don't want to upset the big man who they think is upstairs.

The most important thing to remember is that by listening to yourself you become better and better at listening to others. The ability to listen is what builds familes. People who don't listen tear families apart. Building a better society requires better families. We need to stop listening to the devouring maggot in our hearts that wants the whole world to mind what we say. We need to shut up and listen. Build a better familiy with the person closest to you. Take the time to listen to them. Maybe they need to learn how to shut up too. If you start listening, they might start listening to themselves. Make the sacrifice. Take the time to listen to me. Support a weekly day of prayer and meditation. Support the idea that we need to listen before we can build. Accept our great society.

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