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I know only one constitution definition. For me, a constitution isn't decided by a constitutional convention. The constitution of the united states of america isn't written on a piece of paper. The constitution of india or of france or of brazil isn't a set of statements copied in spirit. The constitution of 1791 isn't a set of ideas in the history of constitutional monarchy. Constitution pictures in my mind not a building called constitutional hall or a constitution party or a constitution scroll. Constitution pictures in my mind a group of people who are politically active. Constitution pictures for me people who are politically engaged. Constitution pictures a community that is politically constructive not politically destructive. Constitution pictures a set of men and women who listen.

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The only constitution definition I need comes from the constitutional convention that takes place every time one man listens to another. My constitution party is any gathering of people who listen. The constitution of 1791 is the war of independence we fought against Britain. The constitution of the united states of america is spelled out in the wars of conquest we inflicted upon the native americans. The constitution of the united states of america is what americans do everyday. Our constitution hall is Iraq and Afghanistan. Our constitution scroll is being written in the schools we build. Our constitution party is being ruined by the civilians whose lives we destroy as we continue to protect and promote the American way of life.

We need a Constitution Day to celebrate our success and to recount our failures. We need a Constitution Day to ask ourselves if our constitutional convention is heading down the right path. We need Constitution Day to ask ourselves if our constitution party is travelling down the road to freedom. We need Constitution Day to find out if our constitution scroll is being stained with tears of joy or with tears of sorrow. Constitution Day for me is every fourth day of the week. Constitution Day is the center of the week. It's the heart of the week. Our constitutional monarchy lies in our hearts. My constitution definition is everything we do together. Our constitutional convention meets every day. Celebrate it on Constitution Day.

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