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Children's Day reminds us that we are all children in need of books and a proper education

Hi. Michal here. I like to see children playing. Every now and again when I find myself at a children's place I take a moment to enjoy watching children playing. I can't enjoy myself for long without getting the sense that I'm doing something wrong. Society has transferred its paranoia to me. There are so many children in need and I find a few who don't look like they're doing too bad and I can't enjoy myself without feeling paranoid that I'm doing something wrong. In New York City they give grown-up children who don't have children a ticket for being too close to a playground. Meanwhile I'm exposed to images of children in need just so I can feel bad about their plight and get the urge to telephone somebody to give them some money on the promise that the children will benefit. The next day I hear about another celebrity who's written some more children's books. I hate it when I hear somebody tell me that children's books are hard to write. Children's books can be written in five minutes. All you need are one or more children's book characters who learn something or else children's book characters who go through some ordeal and presumably learned something, no matter how childish that lesson might be.

People who sell children's toys take advantage of a child's lack of education. Children don't understand a toy's true worth. People who use children for entertainment exploit a child's lack of education because they get away with their exploitation by calling the children's labor an educational experience. The same principle is at work with unpaid internships. In the developed world, children no longer work in mines because mine owners were exploiting children's stature. Children no longer work in the garment industry because factory owners were exploiting children's little fingers. Despite this progress for children's rights, it's acceptable in the developed world to exploit a child's lack of education. Why is it that I'm made to feel bad for taking pleasure out of watching children playing, but the employer or merchant or impresario or publisher or social worker who exploits children in need of books and an education feels just fine. Where's the outrage? I want to write children's books for adults. I want to create children's book characters who learn that policing children's rights are a cynical way to inflict psychological stress and manipulate honest people and that children who exploit other children who aren't as smart as them are the most terrible adults in the world.

For children's day I'd like to write children's books about grown-ups without children who enjoy watching other children playing and don't ever feel bad about it. For children's day I'll create children's book characters who learn that they shoudn't be afraid to enjoy watching children playing and that the monsters are the children who sell children's books and children's toys and own a children's place where children's birthday cakes are sold and go on television and show pictures of children in need of books and food and toys and make other grown-up children feel bad. The people writing all those children's books and selling all those children's toys and opening up their own children's place to sell children's birthday cakes are the real children in need. They need money to fuel their childish appetites.

We need to stop exploiting each other's lack of education. Children's day isn't about giving away children's toys or baking children's birthday cakes or reading aloud from children's books. Children's day is a day for all children, grown-up or not. Children's day reminds us that we all need to get educated and that we all need to help educate others. Don't exploit your brother just because he doesn't know better. Shame on those who do.

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